Monday, June 20, 2011

Price Check

Hello Shoppers-

Today's topic is "Price Check".  Are you wondering what I mean????  Have you ever walked past or just looked at those scanning devices that are mounted on the walls or columns in the stores.  Well, if so you need to stop immediately, because they can be a huge addition in savings during your shopping experience.  There's a reason why the sign above the device reads "Price Check", it's because that's exactly what it does.  Operating this device is not difficult and "no genie required" for use. All you have to do is place the barcode from the price tag directly under the device to be scanned and the most accurate price is read and displayed on the screen for you. "Whola! How simple." In my opinion, "Surprise" should appear after the price is displayed, because that's what you get in most cases. 

Now, you may be thinking where is Chantla going with this....Well, here's to learning without putting in the work.  I did it all for you.  On a recent shopping experience at Macy's with my daughter "Price Check" saved the day.  My daughter was looking through dresses for a upcoming dance.  She found one that she really, really liked, but the dress didn't have a price tag attached.  I asked her to grab another of the same, so that I could check the price of the dress at the "Price Check".  Well, well, well to my "Surprise" what savings did I find.  The retail price of the dress was $99.00, marked down to $47.40, but price checked at $17.34.  Wow, what a difference in pricing and a huge hidden savings that was discovered by using the "Price Check" device.  Also, with using "Price Check" I didn't have to tell my daughter that the dress was out of our pre-planned shopping budget.

Let's review the savings on this purchase.....

Retail price                 $99.00
Markdown price         $47.40
Price Check price     $17.34
Grand total savings     $81.66     off the original retail price.

Tip for Today:

Remember to use the "Price Check" device in all stores if availableBy using "Price Check"  you're gaining in hidden savings and staying in pre-planned shopping budget while maximizing your shopping experience!  Plus, by using the "Price Check" device you're keeping yourself aware of your savings, so that you don't have to scare the salesperson at the register with your "Surprise" outburst after seeing the hidden savings!

As always enjoy your shopping  experience!

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