Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Clearance or Sale- What's the difference?"

Hello Shoppers-

Today's topic is "Clearance or Sale- What's the difference?"  There is a huge difference! The biggest is the difference in savings.  When you purchase an item on sale it's normally a small percentage taken off the original price.  But, when you purchase an item on clearance it's normally a significant percentage taken off the original price.  In most cases the clearance price is 70%-80% off the original price.  Wow, that's a BIG difference in savings.  Other differences besides savings are that sale items are current and clearance items aren't.  Most of the time clearance items are last seasons color, off season items meaning winter in summer or a difference in cut or style.  In my opinion, that isn't a big enough difference to get me to lose money when I can save by shopping smart. 

Have you noticed that most stores whether grocery, department, sporting goods etc. have an aisle that is strictly for clearance items?  There are other sections or aisles in the store where their sale items are located.  Most of the time the sale items are located in the front of the store, while the clearance items are located in the back or in a hidden aisle.  Don't think this to be strange, stores stragetically place clearance items in locations that are more difficult to find, then sale items.  Why, because most of the time we as shoppers want what we see first or what is displayed in front of us.  Alot of shoppers don't want to take the time to look for bargains and the stores know that!

If you want to save and maximize your shopping experience start shopping in the clearance aisles or sections of all stores.  Start looking above eye level or on the bottom shelves in the stores.  These are the areas that stores place their clearance items, because they know that people shop at eye level.  Look for the colored tags or just start reading the price tags of similiar items to find that best bargain.  One of the biggest things that stores depend on to make money isn't the sales that they display in ads, but the laziness and busy lives of their shoppers! 

Tip for today:

Remember that the clearance items are hidden in most stores, so you have to take time to look, if you want to saving moneyStop being lazy and rushed when shopping this causes you to lose money when shopping in this manner.

As always enjoy your shopping experience!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gift Cards

Hello Shoppers-

Today's topic is Gift Cards.  This is such a great topic to share with others.  How many of us receive gift cards and spend them unwisely.  Have we forgotten that this is still money, such as 2-10's and a 5, 5-5's a 10 and 3-5's you get the picture.  The card that you receieved took that green paper with those sought after guys with names like George, Thomas, Abraham, Alexander and Andrew.  It's very important to use a clear head when shopping with a gift card.  You want to always apply your pre-planned shopping budget that could possibly result in you not needing to use any of your money outside of the gift card.  Wow, that's a great feeling when this happens, wouldn't you agree????  This technique takes effort just like any other shopping experience to ensure that you are maximizing your shopping experience. 

Too many times we receive a gift card and forget to use our thinking caps.  We walk into the store and shop with the thinking "Let me use this gift card, it's not real money".  Think again, then again!  It's a gift from another and you should want to spend it wisely.  Gift cards provide you with the opportunity to save your own money, while still getting what you want!

Tip for Today:

Remember to use Gift Cards in the same manner that you would use moneyIf used wisely a gift card can keep your cash flow yours and not the store's.

As always, enjoy your shopping experience.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Price Check

Hello Shoppers-

Today's topic is "Price Check".  Are you wondering what I mean????  Have you ever walked past or just looked at those scanning devices that are mounted on the walls or columns in the stores.  Well, if so you need to stop immediately, because they can be a huge addition in savings during your shopping experience.  There's a reason why the sign above the device reads "Price Check", it's because that's exactly what it does.  Operating this device is not difficult and "no genie required" for use. All you have to do is place the barcode from the price tag directly under the device to be scanned and the most accurate price is read and displayed on the screen for you. "Whola! How simple." In my opinion, "Surprise" should appear after the price is displayed, because that's what you get in most cases. 

Now, you may be thinking where is Chantla going with this....Well, here's to learning without putting in the work.  I did it all for you.  On a recent shopping experience at Macy's with my daughter "Price Check" saved the day.  My daughter was looking through dresses for a upcoming dance.  She found one that she really, really liked, but the dress didn't have a price tag attached.  I asked her to grab another of the same, so that I could check the price of the dress at the "Price Check".  Well, well, well to my "Surprise" what savings did I find.  The retail price of the dress was $99.00, marked down to $47.40, but price checked at $17.34.  Wow, what a difference in pricing and a huge hidden savings that was discovered by using the "Price Check" device.  Also, with using "Price Check" I didn't have to tell my daughter that the dress was out of our pre-planned shopping budget.

Let's review the savings on this purchase.....

Retail price                 $99.00
Markdown price         $47.40
Price Check price     $17.34
Grand total savings     $81.66     off the original retail price.

Tip for Today:

Remember to use the "Price Check" device in all stores if availableBy using "Price Check"  you're gaining in hidden savings and staying in pre-planned shopping budget while maximizing your shopping experience!  Plus, by using the "Price Check" device you're keeping yourself aware of your savings, so that you don't have to scare the salesperson at the register with your "Surprise" outburst after seeing the hidden savings!

As always enjoy your shopping  experience!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Praise

Hello Shoppers-
In honor of my God who rested on the 7th day, I will do the same. 

Food for the Spirit:
Forgetting those things which are behind..., I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.-Philippians 3:13-14

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pre-planned Shopping Budget

Hello Shoppers-

Are you tired of overspending when you shop?  Well, welcome "For a 20 or less" which will teach you how to save without giving up one of your favorite hobbies.  By using my daily tips you'll be saving in no time!

Tip for Today:
  • Remember to stay in your pre-planned shopping budget! Meaning don't allow clearance items to cause you to overspend!  Better yet, only take your pre-planned shopping money, plus a 5 for something to eat.  I'm not trying to have comments posted stating "Chantla, I saved, but starved while doing it!" LOL
As always, enjoy your shopping experience!