Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Clearance or Sale- What's the difference?"

Hello Shoppers-

Today's topic is "Clearance or Sale- What's the difference?"  There is a huge difference! The biggest is the difference in savings.  When you purchase an item on sale it's normally a small percentage taken off the original price.  But, when you purchase an item on clearance it's normally a significant percentage taken off the original price.  In most cases the clearance price is 70%-80% off the original price.  Wow, that's a BIG difference in savings.  Other differences besides savings are that sale items are current and clearance items aren't.  Most of the time clearance items are last seasons color, off season items meaning winter in summer or a difference in cut or style.  In my opinion, that isn't a big enough difference to get me to lose money when I can save by shopping smart. 

Have you noticed that most stores whether grocery, department, sporting goods etc. have an aisle that is strictly for clearance items?  There are other sections or aisles in the store where their sale items are located.  Most of the time the sale items are located in the front of the store, while the clearance items are located in the back or in a hidden aisle.  Don't think this to be strange, stores stragetically place clearance items in locations that are more difficult to find, then sale items.  Why, because most of the time we as shoppers want what we see first or what is displayed in front of us.  Alot of shoppers don't want to take the time to look for bargains and the stores know that!

If you want to save and maximize your shopping experience start shopping in the clearance aisles or sections of all stores.  Start looking above eye level or on the bottom shelves in the stores.  These are the areas that stores place their clearance items, because they know that people shop at eye level.  Look for the colored tags or just start reading the price tags of similiar items to find that best bargain.  One of the biggest things that stores depend on to make money isn't the sales that they display in ads, but the laziness and busy lives of their shoppers! 

Tip for today:

Remember that the clearance items are hidden in most stores, so you have to take time to look, if you want to saving moneyStop being lazy and rushed when shopping this causes you to lose money when shopping in this manner.

As always enjoy your shopping experience!



  1. I just want everyone to know that this lady here was my childhood friend and still is my friend. She is very gifted and talented. She is a wonderful mother and friend. I love her to death. I'm so proud of you Chan-Chan in Aaliyah's voice!!!!!!!! You strive and reach for your dream I'm so glad you followed through on this!!!!!! My support all the way!!!!!!