Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gift Cards

Hello Shoppers-

Today's topic is Gift Cards.  This is such a great topic to share with others.  How many of us receive gift cards and spend them unwisely.  Have we forgotten that this is still money, such as 2-10's and a 5, 5-5's a 10 and 3-5's you get the picture.  The card that you receieved took that green paper with those sought after guys with names like George, Thomas, Abraham, Alexander and Andrew.  It's very important to use a clear head when shopping with a gift card.  You want to always apply your pre-planned shopping budget that could possibly result in you not needing to use any of your money outside of the gift card.  Wow, that's a great feeling when this happens, wouldn't you agree????  This technique takes effort just like any other shopping experience to ensure that you are maximizing your shopping experience. 

Too many times we receive a gift card and forget to use our thinking caps.  We walk into the store and shop with the thinking "Let me use this gift card, it's not real money".  Think again, then again!  It's a gift from another and you should want to spend it wisely.  Gift cards provide you with the opportunity to save your own money, while still getting what you want!

Tip for Today:

Remember to use Gift Cards in the same manner that you would use moneyIf used wisely a gift card can keep your cash flow yours and not the store's.

As always, enjoy your shopping experience.

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