Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pre-planned Shopping Budget

Hello Shoppers-

Are you tired of overspending when you shop?  Well, welcome "For a 20 or less" which will teach you how to save without giving up one of your favorite hobbies.  By using my daily tips you'll be saving in no time!

Tip for Today:
  • Remember to stay in your pre-planned shopping budget! Meaning don't allow clearance items to cause you to overspend!  Better yet, only take your pre-planned shopping money, plus a 5 for something to eat.  I'm not trying to have comments posted stating "Chantla, I saved, but starved while doing it!" LOL
As always, enjoy your shopping experience!


  1. I am so excited about being able to go onto a blog where I can get great tips for shopping or should I say great tips before shopping, I'm so looking forward to this site to assist me in my shopping, thank you, for finally bringing this site to life...congratulations!!!!!!
    p.s. I am so proud of you!!

  2. Yes, yes, yes!! I'm ready Chica!! Love you!! ~Del

  3. I wanted to stop by to show my support. I saw the joint on Dels FB page. Good stuff Sis, you always seem like your moving and shaking!!

  4. To Del and Ivan- Thank you for the support and encouragement you both give. It's such a foundation to keep moving forward. Just to let you both in on a secret...some of my inpsiration comes from you both and it keeps me pressing for the goal

  5. Cool blog! I hope you are doing well.

    Jennifer (Kovall) Pletcher